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Robert T. Joseph, HAB grad class of '68, retired from law recently and enrolled at Georgetown University for a Master of Arts in Liberal Studies, with a focus on American Studies. Mr. Joseph completed the degree in May 2015, and wrote an article for a course entitled Classical Roots of the American Founding, which he then published in the Georgetown student journal. The article is called "Alexander Hamilton, Classical Models and Ideals, and the Deadlocked Presidential Election of 1800." The work deals with Alexander Hamilton's use of classical models and anti-models in his efforts to support Thomas Jefferson over Aaron Burr to succeed John Adams as President, comparing Burr to a modern-day Catiline. This article is proof that HABs are lifelong learners: even when they retire, they continue to learn, grow, and inspire. Moreover, the piece is topical in view of the hit musical about Hamilton. Please click here for the article, and enjoy!


Brendan Chisholm, HAB '13, received a highly competitive and very prestigious externship to work on the legal staff of the Chief Justice of the Ohio Supreme Court. The job description is: Judicial externs will work with Chief Justice O'Connor's legal staff on various tasks. The primary focus of the externs' work will be review and analysis of parties' arguments for discretionary review of intermediate appellate court decisions. Judicial externs will prepare memoranda that summarize the relevant facts, claims, and law of particular cases, and make recommendations as to the disposition of those discretionary appeals, including a suggestion on whether the Ohio Supreme Court should hear the case. (The process is similar to the analysis undertaken on petitions for certiorari to the United States Supreme Court.) Research projects may also be assigned to the extern, and students may also work on opinions. In addition, externs must attend oral arguments held by the court over the summer session. Externs will also meet with attorneys who participate in the networking and mentoring components of the externship program. Way to go, Brendan!