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Students in the Honors Bachelor of Arts Program performed Aeschylus’ Prometheus Bound on Saturday, Dec. 6, in Kennedy Auditorium, to an audience of over 50 including students, faculty, and family. 

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From Homer to Plato
This course provides an understanding of the development of ancient Greek culture and history by examining the values, customs, institutions, and major historical events that shaped the Greek world, in particular Athens and Sparta, through primary and secondary source readings. An important goal is togain insight into the Greek origins of key social, political, and cultural ideas and concepts that have contributed to the formation of Western civilization. 

The Dead Sea Scrolls
To introduce undergraduates to the Dead Sea Scrolls (DSS), their history, their (mis-?) representation in the popular media, the scandal surrounding them, what English translations of them are available, and what is currently being done with them.

World Mythology
The western tradition will be examined through in-depth comparative studies of classical mythology with the mythologies of the world (myths from but not limited to Asia, Central, South, and North America, Africa, the Near East, and Polynesia). This course emphasizes understanding mythologies as symbolic cultural systems expressing societal values.

Women in Antiquity
A multi-media study of the lives of Greek and Roman women and minorities organized around topics and issues of contemporary interest.