Thank you to all those who have made donations to the Xavier Club Softball program! Your support is greatly appreciated.

Singles Club

Carl and Donna Oprisch
Gulame and Sadiya Asif
Karl and Kathleen Oprisch
Rosemary Bagley

Doubles Club

Melissa Myers
Berti Sherman
John Binger
Brian and Lisa Hoblit
Mrs. Norman (Carol) Cushler
Dr. and Mrs. Eric Kuhn
The O'Connor Family
Gary and Rita Wechter
Ralph and Cheryl Becker
Irfan and Sony Asif
Vic and Sheryl Oprisch
Sue Hanudel
Beth Oprisch
John and Moe Sherman
The Sherman Family
Gust and Ellen Christakis
Laura Cushler
Lacey Scott

Triples Club

Mark and Sherry Anderson
Sue, Dave, Matthew and Will Wechter
Jim and Sheila Gulick