What is a typical season like for Xavier Club Softball?

The team competes in both the fall and spring season each year. Our team is a member of the Great Lakes Regional Conference in the National Club Softball Association. We typically play within our conference during the fall season and then play a few non-conference games in the spring in addition to various tournaments. A typical softball weekend consists of three games against one of our conference opponents. Usually, we will play a doubleheader on Saturday and one game on Sunday.

What is the time commitment of being a Club Softball player?

In addition to our game schedule, we typically have 3 practices per week. The locations of these practices vary, but all are located on or within minutes of Xavier's campus. Some of our practice locations include Xavier University's Soccer Field, softball fields around campus, batting cages in the Cincinnati area, as well as other indoor locations for hitting practice. When scheduling these practices, we consider everyone's class and work schedule and we do our best to find practice times that are convenient for everyone. As softball players and college students, we recognize that academics receive priority and as a result, when there are conflicts between classes and practices, we are aware that classes will receive priority.

How is playing time decided?

While we have a coach who leads us in practices and games, Club Softball is largely run and organized by students. We have four officers that are elected each year that schedule games and practices, fill out paperwork, maintain our budget and complete all other tasks that are involved with leading a club sport at Xavier. Therefore, playing time is determined by not only the coach, but also the student officers of Club Softball and we take many factors into consideration. In addition to skills and experience, we also consider players' commitment, participation in fundraisers and events, effort and attitude. 


We welcome you to contact us with any additional questions that you may have by e-mailing our club account at clubsoftball@xavier.edu.