Club Sport of the Year - "Doc Comparetto Award"

Dr. John E. ("Doc") Comparetto, a pediatric surgeon and lifelong boxer, devoted his time to the Xavier University Boxing Club from 1986 until his death in September of 2004. Doc understood the inner strength and personal development Boxing imbued in its participants, and gladly volunteered his time several nights a week during the school year in the Armory, as he helped generations of students grow and develop into responsible leaders and well-rounded individuals through their participation with the Boxing club.

The Doc Comparetto Award is awarded to the Men's, Women's, and Coed Xavier Club Sport that demonstrates the same dedication and passion to personal and team development that Doc showed throughout his time with Xavier. The three Club Sport of the Year  winners are determined by the points each club earns in a variety of categories and the winners receive a financial bonus added to their budget at the end of the academic year.


Highest Grade Point Average

Learning is the heart of Club Sport members purpose at Xavier University.  As our members spend long hours hours studying, learning, and excelling in the classroom, support and recognition of their academic achievements is vital.  This award is given to the Men's, Women's, and Coed Clubs with the highest GPA, along with a significant financial bonus at the end of the academic year.

Most Improved Club

Voted on by their peers at the end of the academic year, winners in this category have demonstrated marked improvement in their operations, fundraising, membership, and/or competitive achievements.  This award is a recognition of a club's turnaround and commitment to moving in the right direction.  Winners of this award often go on to earn Club of the Year honors.


Best Fundraising Club

A significant aspect of every club's ability to achieve it's desired goals is the success of it's fundraising efforts.  While clubs do receive a budget allocation from the University, their operational success hinges upon their ability to successfully fundraise a large portion of their yearly budget.  Winners in the two categories, more than 20 members or 20 members or less, receive a financial bonus to their budget at the end of the academic year.