The Xavier Hockey Hall of Fame is an exclusive fraternity, reserved for those members of the brotherhood who have contributed at the highest and most meaningful ways possible.  Selection is done by the Board of Advisors on an annual basis with an induction event held during Alumni Weekend.  The criteria for selection includes both on ice and off ice contributions.  The principal measure is ensuring that these individuals were instrumental in the team achieving at the highest level.   We are proud and humbled to have had the honor of their service to our club.

Class of 2017

Tim Short was a charter team member from the club’s infancy in 2005 and patrolled the blue line during his time with the program. Tim's contributions to the club were not limited to the ice as he served as club president during his senior season in 2008 and continued to support the team post- graduation as the founder of the Xavier Hockey Alumni Organization. Tim knew that there was a role for the alums to play in supporting the financial well-being of the team, providing mentoring, and also leadership to the officers all in support of the club and he was and continues to be committed to developing the club on and off the ice.


Class of 2016

Patrick Maier is a 2006 graduate of Xavier University.  Pat currently serves as the chair of the alumni advisory board and has spearheaded that group for the past two years.  Pat was part of the club in its formative years and worked tirelessly to ensure stability and continuity for the team.  His immeasurable efforts with the administration were instrumental in getting the program to its current status which includes a roster of fifty players and two teams.  


Class of 2015 (inaugural class)

Matt Bigelow is a 2006 graduate of Xavier University and the inaugural Captain and President of the Xavier University Hockey Team. In 2005, Matt along with fellow inductee, Joe VanDeman came up with the idea to start a hockey team. Given his connections with the Student Activities Committee, Matt was able to use his network to break down the barriers to get the team formalized and  most importantly, funded, by the school. Matt is being recognized for his leadership and organization of the team.

Joe Van Demon is a 2006 graduate of Xavier University and an inaugural member of the Xavier University Hockey Team. In 2005, Joe along with fellow Hall of Fame inductee Matt Bigelow came up with the idea to organize, recruit, and setup a club Ice Hockey Team. In his role as Vice President, Joe was responsible for driving fundraising, recruiting, and growing the team from a start-up squad into a team truly worthy of wearing the “X” on their jerseys. Joe is being honored for his perseverance, vision, and dedication to Xavier Hockey.

Chris Bergstrom is a 2005 graduate of Xavier University and also an inaugural member of the Xavier University Hockey team. Transferring from Butler University, Chris led the offense and scoring during his two seasons on the team. Once he was done on the ice, Chris took on a role behind the bench as the team’s trainer and assistant coach. After leaving that role to further pursue his career, Chris stayed engaged with the alumni advisory board. Chris is being honored for embodying the true spirit of Muskie hockey having played, coached, and sat on the board of Xavier Hockey Alumni.