Each year, Xavier Crew takes part in several fundraisers that help benefit both the crew and local organizations in the community. Here's a look at some of the things we do!

Rent-A-Rower (Fall Season)

For $50 an hour, Xavier faculty and staff members are able to rent three rowers to complete almost any task around the house!  Raking fall leaves, weeding flowerbeds, or even cleaning out that dirty garage are just some of the many possibilities of work we can do. For larger jobs, it's just $10 an hour for each additional rower. This is a fantastic fundraiser, and everyone has a great time each year we do Rent-A-Rower!

Duff's at Cintas (Winter Season)

During the basketball season, Xavier Crew works selected games at Duff's, a pre-game dinning experience, and who knows? You might look up and realize that the crew is serving you!

Row for Community (Spring Season)

Possibly one of the coolest events of the year, the crew partners up with a local organization to raise awareness and money for both parties. Mailers are sent out to family and friends of current rowers as well as Xavier Crew Alumni. Twenty percent of the total amount raised will go directly towards the organization and the remaining will support the efforts of the Xavier Crew. After all of the donations are collected, the crew rows for three hours out on the green space for a fun afternoon!

Community Service (Year Round)

In addition to being dedicated student athletes, members of Xavier Crew take an active roll in the community through the act of service.


Sponsorship opportunities are available on both personal and corporate levels.
If interested, please contact us at crew@xavier.edu.