Here are some common questions people ask when considering joining the team. If you have one of your own, email us at and we will answer it the best we can!

What is Crew?

Pretty much the best sport around! In the United States, rowing is commonly referred to as crew.

Why Should I Row in College?

It's a great way to stay in shape, meet cool, new people, and travel around America all during your college career! 

I've Never Rowed Before? Can I Join?

You sure can! In fact, most people are exposed to crew for the first time in college, and now is the perfect time to get started. You will be surrounded by peers that have never sat in a racing shell before, and after a few weeks, you will compete in regattas (boat races) with novices (new rowers) from other universities and rowing clubs. Really, there is no better time to learn!

How Do I Sign Up?

Click on "Joining the Team" section in the menu bar.

Where Does the Team Practice?

It's just a short twenty minutes away from campus, and an absolutely a great place to row. In fact, the Little Miami is recognized for its beauty by being a member of the National Wild and Scenic Rivers System. When the weather turns for the worse or it's just the winter season, practices are located on campus at Xavier's Armory. Our ergometers (rowing machines, commonly referred to as 'ergs') are located here, and Schmidt Fieldhouse is just a hop, skip, and a jump away that provides additional space for other rowing related exercises. 

What Should I Pack for Regattas?

Here is my Regatta Survival Kit and it hasn't failed yet! 


  • Jersey
  • Boathouse/Rain Jacket
  • Extra pair of shoes
  • Trash bags for wet clothing
  • Socks, socks, socks
  • Money for food and T-shirts
  • Study materials
  • A filled water bottle
  • Snacks
  • A set of clothes to change into after the race
  • Newspapers (if you stuff them into wet shoes, they will dry much faster)