Things that you should and should not bring on XUCBSB2K11


Every year XUCB spends some quality time in Tampa/Plant City, Florida to work out the kinks over spring break. In years past I prepared a list of items for players to bring to ensure they wouldn?t forget any necessary items. Here is my list for this year?s trip.

To Bring


-Jerseys and Jersey Shore cast

-Directions to Olive Garden

-The Spanish

-Concrete to encase the Spanish in to ensure that it sinks to the bottom of Tampa Bay

-Sunscreen, ask Duffy, Timmy, Martin or Tierney about that one

-Correct lyrics to Manfred Mann?s ?Do Wah Diddy?

-Location of Skyline in Clearwater

-Big Rigs

-HOV lane placard

-Steinz, and the whole family

-Soccer ball, for beach "go?s"

-Miracle device, or miracle device Jr, although not as effective as miracle device sr

-Megaphone to heckle Ted Lilly at team USA tune up game

-Sausage pizza?s and hoofer snacks to use as rewards for on field achievements

-Flip camera for ?Real World? style confessional taping

-Fresh fitteds, for gambling purposes

-Swimsuit for the 30 hours of hot tub time that will be logged

-Timmy Harr?s dad, #1 all time in XUCBSB games attended

-Healthy supply of Lo-Balls

-Tums, for all of the fast food/delivery pizza you will have to eat

-DVD player to play movies such as Commando, Total Recall and Angels in the Outfield

-Coupons for Bennigans at Channelside

-Money to tip the amigas/wing house waitresses

-Shades for coaching first base while not feeling well

-A WWBD bracelet (what would Brankle do)


Don?t Bring


-Team strife

-Baseball talent/fundamentals

-Street signs, more important to not bring those back to Ohio

-Plans to do a job interview via phone while on Spring Break in a van, sorry Matt Mat

-Hi tops, can?t play in em

-Swank magazine, can be purchased at Georgia truck stops

-Ohio?s weather, specifically the swirling winds of AIA

-Constitution Park and its little league, stat-inflating dimensions

-Belief that you are better at baseball than the Tampa Rays AAA squad

-Kit Kats or Twix bars

-Skateboards for Ybor City

-Sleeping bag, just push two chairs together

-Anything that Priestess would consider ?sweak?


Have a good time and remember to starve 'em out!


Brenden Regan

XUCB Class 2010

Team leader in CG, 1-hit, 12 K losses during XUCBSB2K9

HOV lane enthusiast