The Following is a list of charitible donors to the Xavier Club Baseball program and the year(s) in which they have donated funds to support the club.  The team greatly appreciates your contributions and continued support!


Donor Name

William Hoerst
Michael Steinmetz
Mary Ann Dansart
Kimberlee Raetzman
Kevin Dansart
Edward Moskal
Mary Lou Nolan
Bryan Laake
Christine Feil
Patricia Heller
Grandpa Dansart
Sharon and
John O'Donnell
Dan Bastian
Sherri Orr
Therese Schapiro
Matthew Lembas
Margaret Zalenski
Patty Hayes
Sherry Dumford
Scott and Paula Beckett
Steve and Sharon Rosenbaum
Mary Rosenbaum
E. Jean Sturgill
Robert and Christine Keever
Carm and Patti D'Agostino
The Singosky Family
Diane Obitko
The Bastian Family
The Duff Family
Dave and Lisa Ruhenkamp
The Cirillo Family
Mike and Maria Hebebrand
Maria Grimshaw
Chris and Kevin Feil
The Bonanni Family
Margaret Hanley
The Brown Family
The Caponi Family
The Scharlau Family
Teresa Steinmetz
B. Lansden
Joseph Redmond
Ben McReynolds
Michael Pitocco