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  • Publication Information:  Latest issue published v. 86, no. 1&2, 2010

A Message to Subscribers

The Classical Bulletin is on hiatus as its editorial team reorganizes and re-envisions the journal. We will resume publishing in Fall 2018 with the first volume of a new series. The journal will be an annual publication.

No subscriptions have been accepted for volumes in the first series beyond 86.1&2. Please contact Pam Rose if you would like more information on a subscription in series one, 86.1&2 and earlier at 

Thanks for your continued interest in The Classical Bulletin. We hope you like the new look and format. 


The Classical Bulletin publishes articles on Greek and Roman literatures, languages, history, social life, art, philosophy, religion, pedagogy, the history of classical scholarship, and the classical tradition. We especially encourage contributions in English from abroad and book reviews on scholarship originally published in other languages.