Dr. Daniel McLoughlin, Associate Professor

Department Chair
103A Logan Hall, (513)-745-3352

Research Projects

Heavy Metal Nucleotide Compounds for the Analysis of Protein Structure

The Project involves the synthesis of mercury containing compounds resembling metabolites that are known to bind to enzymes. These newly synthesized compounds are then to be examined as to their structure utilizing NMR techniques and are to be examined as to their binding to enzymes by studying the effect of their concentrations on the activity of selected enzymes. Compounds having the following basic structure are to be prepared and studied.

This is an ongoing project and several types of compounds have been prepared at Xavier. Further analysis needs to be performed concerning the extent of covalent binding of the mercury atom to the ring system of the nucleotide analogue. It is hoped that these compounds will find use in the hands of protein crystallographers for the analysis of the three dimensional structures of proteins.

Determination of Triton X-100 Concentrations Using NMR Spectroscopy

Triton X-100 is a popular detergent used to extract membrane bound proteins. The known concentration of detergents in protein preparations is of importance to assist in the analysis of the enzyme mechanism and in the growing of crystals for the determination of three-dimensional structure. It would be useful to have a simple method to determine the concentration of Triton X-100 in various buffers.

We hope to develop a method that utilized NMR spectroscopy to determine the concentration of Triton X-100. We intend to utilize internal standards in aqueous buffers to accomplish this goal.