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Auditing chemistry courses

Policy on Auditing Chemistry Courses

Students taking courses as an audit or as repeated courses are responsible for obtaining and completing the proper forms to identify such courses at the time of registration, during schedule adjustment, or during late registration. Anyone wishing to audit a course may do so. An audited course does not carry credit or earn a grade. No one may change from credit status to audit status or from audit status to credit status after the seventh calendar day of the term or without the permission of the chair of the department and the dean of the college. Regular tuition rates apply. A grade of "W' may be awarded by the instructor if the student does not fulfill class obligations, or stops attending.

The individual instructors of courses define minimal class obligations. These obligations are articulated to the student at the beginning of the semester. All instructors in the chemistry department require, at least minimally, that the student regularly attend class. Addition obligations may be defined by the individual instructor. Department chairs and/or deans do not set the requirements. Individual instructors may be contacted via phone or e-mail to discuss their audit requirements.

Individuals who have received AP or CLEP credit and are required to audit a lecture course in order to register for a laboratory course may do so on an "informal" basis without official registration or payment of audit tuition fees. See the department chair to discuss this issue and receive permission to audit in this fashion.