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Equipment List

  • Varian Mercury 300 MHz Pulsed Field Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrometer (FT-NMR) equipped with a Broadband Direct Probe and Variable Temperature Capabilities
  • GOW-MAC Gas Chromatograph, Series 400 G/Cual Packed column Gas Chromatograph with themoconductivity detector
  • Varian CP-3800 Dual Capillary Column Gas Chromatograph with flame ionization and thermoconductivity dual detectors
  • Varian Saturn 2100 Gas Chromatograph/Mass Spectrometer/Mass Spectrometer (GC/MS/MS.) With programmable auto sampler
  • Perkin Elmer Spectrum 65 FT-IR Spectrometer with workstation and reflectance accessories
  • Varian AA240FS Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer with GTA120 Graphite Furnace and programmable auto sampler
  • Perkin Elmer LS50B Luminescence Spectrophotometer with kinetic accessory, sample stirrer, and low temperature accessory
  • Hatachi U-2000 UV/VIS Scanning Spectrophotometer
  • Agilent (Hewlett Packard) 8453 Diode Array UV/VIS Spectrophotometer (Two)
  • Rudolph Research Analytical Autopol III Automatic Polarimeter
  • Dionex Ultimate 3000 High Performance Liquid Chromatography System (HPLC) with diode array detector and programmable auto sampler
  • Ultrafast Systems Kronos Flash Photolysis Spectrophotometer
  • Princeton Applied Research Model 3640 Polarographic Analyser
  • Princeton Applied Research Model 263A Potentiostat/ Galvanostat
  • Parr 1455 Solution Calorimeter
  • Rayonet Photochemical Reactor
  • HI-Tech SFA-11 Rapid Kinetics Accessory (Stopped-Flow)
  • Teledyne/ISCO CombiFlash Retrieve chromatographic system with fraction collector
  • AZCOZON pulse injection corona discharge ozone generator
  • Wavefunction Spartan Pro Molecular Mechanics Computer Modelling Program
  • ACD HNMR Spectrum Generator Computer Modelling Program
  • Vacuum Atmospheres Co. Recirculating Solvent Purification System for five solvents, five liters each
  • ChemGlass Airfree Self Contained Portable High Vacuum System with diffusion pump
  • MeasureNet Data acquisition equipment for pH, temperature, voltage, conductance, weight, volume, pressure, electrochemistry, and UV/Visible light absorption and emission (diode array) for general chemistry and analytical chemistry classes
  • Veeco Scanning Probe Atomic Force Microscope (housed in Physics Department)