1 on 1 Spiritual Companionship

What is spiritual companionship at CFJ?

Spiritual companionship is an opportunity for a student to intentionally reflect upon and listen to her/his life experiences in the presence of a trusted companion.  The primary function of the companion is to invite and encourage the student to listen more deeply to the movements that arise in prayer and daily life.  Some call the source of these movements God, Spirit, Allah, Yahweh, Divine, Lord, etc.

Spiritual companionship is not…

-          Counseling or pastoral counseling

-          Therapy

-          Life coaching

-          Problem solving

Why would I meet with a spiritual companion?

If you are interested in exploring your ongoing faith journey, spiritual companionship can serve you well. The opportunity to openly and honestly speak about one’s faith journey and life experiences in the presence of another often allows for the emergence of new insight and clarity.

How often and for how long do I meet with a spiritual companion?

Students are encouraged to meet with a spiritual companion once every two or three weeks for approximately 45-50 minutes.   

Who will I meet with?

Interested students first meet with Greg Mellor, Assistant Director, Faith and Ministry, to learn more about spiritual companionship in CFJ and to discuss what staff person might be a good companion. 

What might I bring to a meeting?

-          Open heart and open mind

-          Willingness to speak openly and honestly about your prayer life

-          Desire to grow in relationship with God

What might I discuss during a meeting?

-          Difficult decisions

-          Relationships

-          Questions you want to explore

-          Challenges and struggles 

-          Moments of joy

What if I have questions or want to begin a spiritual companion relationship? 

Email Greg Mellor at mellorg@xavier.edu.