Xavier attracts students of more than 15 faith traditions, including most Christian denominations as well as those from Buddhist, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, and Shinto faiths. Religious pluralism is reality at Xavier. The CFJ offers programs through our office and in partnership with other organizations which intentionally engage students of diverse faith, spiritual, and humanistic traditions. 

What in the world is Pluralism? There are many different ways to define pluralism, but IFYC has a short definition we really like that says pluralism is: 

  • Respect for people's diverse religious and non-religious identities, 
  • Mutually inspiring relationships between people of different backgrounds, and 
  • Common action for the common good. 


Dine Better Together

In conjunction with the Interfaith Youth Core (IFYC) Better Together Campaign the CFJ hosts monthly dinners with the aim of bringing  students together from different religious, social, and cultural backgrounds to be in community over a shared meal. 






IFYC Interfaith Leadership Institute 

Interfaith Leadership Institutes (ILI's) equip undergraduate students, staff, and faculty with the skills to engage diverse religious and non-religious identities to build the interfaith movement on their campus. The CFJ highly encourages XU student participation in the ILI's through annual sponsored delegations to one of the four ILI events held in New York, LA, Chicago, or Atlanta.

ILI Delegate Application HERE

"When you touch someone who authentically
represents a tradition, you not only touch his or her tradition,
you also touch your own."

 - Thich Nhat Hanh