Salat al-Jummat - Weekly Islamic Friday Prayer

Join us every Friday at 2 pm in the Interfaith Chapel (see below for its location). Ours is a diverse community, with Muslims on our campus coming from not just around the region but around the world.  We set aside our differences as we pray.  Men and women are both welcome and the Interfaith chapel has a place to make wudu. Khutbas will be offered by professors, community members and student leaders, helping us to connect our faith and our life.  Help us to increase this tradition at Xavier... see you on Fridays! Contact Abby with questions.

Places to Pray

The Interfaith Chapel is equipped with an ablution fountain and prayer rugs (check the cabinet); it is the perfect place to pause for prayer during the day.  Occasionally, groups use the chapel, but every effort is made to ensure that is open during all five prayer times.

The Interfaith Chapel is located just off the entrance to Husman Hall.  If you leave Gallagher, walked straight across Xavier Yard, in between Kuhlman and Husman, and turn right before you reach the parking lot.  Enter the outer doors of Husman and you will find the Interfaith Chapel door on your left.

The Center for Faith and Justice (310 GSC) also has a reflection room--a great place to stop for prayer if you are in the middle of campus.  Stop in the CFJ and simply ask the staff at the front desk to use the Reflection Room and you will be shown where it is.  There are three prayer rugs for your use as well.  There are no sinks on this side of the GSC though, so you will need to make wudu in the 3rd floor restrooms.

Find accurate prayer times at Islamic Finder.  The zip code for campus is 45207.

Find qibla here.  The direction on campus is 51.38 degrees N.