Spiritual Gathering Space 

Xavier attracts students of more than 15 faith traditions, including most Christian denominations as well as those from Buddhist, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, and Shinto faiths. Religious pluralism is reality at Xavier. In line with the Ignatian value of cura personalis, care of the whole person, the Dorothy Day Center for Faith and Justice is committed to helping each and every student deepen their spiritual life.
Many of our programs are open to students of all faiths, but if you are interested in developing a deeper sense of community, consider joining a Companion Group.  We organize specifically interfaith groups that are a great place to deepen you knowledge of your own and other faiths, while finding community in the shared struggles that transcend religious difference. Companion groups are always forming, so check out the page and contact us! If you are interested in other kinds of interfaith engagement, check out what we are doing around pluralism for the latest in events and progress.

On Campus

Interfaith Prayer Chapel: Located on the first floor of Husman Hall (no All Card required for entry)

Some Local Faith Communities 


Baha'i Faith of Greater Cincinnati
2723 Montana Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45211-6036
Phone: (513) 481-6332


Buddhist Dharma Center of Cincinnati
15 Moline St.
Cincinnati, OH  45223
Phone: (513) 541-1650
Cincinnati Zen Center
3647 W. Eighth St.
Cincinnati, OH 45205
Phone: (513) 684-4216



Hindu Temple of Greater Cincinnati
4920 Klatte Road
Cincinnati, OH 45244-1115
Phone: (513) 528-3714