Doing Business in China

This class has definitely been one of the most exciting classes that I have experienced not only at Xavier but also in my entire educational career. It was a truly amazing trip that has allowed me to consider my long-term career objectives.
Rebecca Maur
The China trip was a rich experience for me, both professionally and personally. I am very impressed with the visibility and access we are given to businesses, educators, peers, and other organizational leaders. Thank you for your leadership!
Jason Pace
This course was far and away my best life experience and best learning experience throughout my MBA studies at Xavier. I would strongly recommend to anyone I know in the program to participate in this course as the learning from the hands on experience of the travel to China is invaluable. The post assignment, while challenging, did add to the overall learning experience by forcing us to dive into the details of the culture and economy we had visited to broaden our knowledge on the country and was a worthwhile assignment to accomplish from a learning perspective. Overall, I have only good things to say regarding both the professor and this course.
Joseph Brehm
Seeing China first hand is an incredible opportunity that should not be avoided. Reading trade journals and articles that describe China cannot truly describe the environment and the people. Many of the courses completed at Xavier have been very valuable; however this class is the true capstone to an outstanding education.
Don McCoy

Doing Business in Europe

If you have the chance to take this course - do it. This is a unique opportunity offered to Xavier MBA students, and it is absolutely worth your time and money to take advantage of it. The experiences you will encounter are unparalleled to any other offering in the program. The business visits are relevant, the cultural experiences will expand your horizons, and the academic material is effectively absorbed given the organized and concentrated itinerary.
Carrie Tuli
Dynamic business briefings, exquisite food and the unforgettable arts scene in London will provide you with memories you'll cherish for years to come. The itinerary was packed full of fun trips and experiences…it's truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and I encourage prospective trip-goers to strongly consider it. International travel definitely bears expense, but the value received on this trip far outweighs the cost. I really feel like I got my money's worth and a lot more!
Justin Wade