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Core Curriculum

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Building upon nearly 500 years of Liberal Arts, Catholic, Jesuit education, Xavier's 21st-century undergraduate Core Curriculum fosters growth in every area of life—intellectually, morally and spiritually. Xavier's very distinctive Core focuses on the whole person, students, faculty, and staff, alike.



Just as St. Francis Xavier grew through the opportunities, people and cultures he encountered in his many travels, Xavier University's First-Year Experience helps students develop skills, build relationships and set goals. Xavier's unique first-year revolves around the First-Year Seminar, Theological Foundations, and GOA.


Life's decisions are often much more complex than simply choosing good over evil. Knowing how to make a smart choice is key. Xavier's signature Ethics/Religion and Society focus helps students search for the best option, the one that best promotes authentic human flourishing—that is, the Greater Good.


Xavier values education and success. Recent data shows that #placementRate#% of Xavier graduates were employed, volunteered, or attended graduate school within six months after graduation. Especially through five Flagged Courses, Xavier students build the foundation for success in college and beyond. Skills include writing, oral communication, and quantitative reasoning with a focus on diversity and ethical decision-making.


Xavier promotes depth of thought through broad exposure to various ways of knowing, or Perspectives. Through Art, History, Math, Philosophy, Science, and Theology, Xavier's Core engages all areas of Liberal Arts Jesuit Catholic education to empower students to become people of learning and reflection, integrity and achievement, in solidarity for and with others, "All for One, One for All."              

"The approach to the CORE process at Xavier is unique.  I think it would be good to offer this reflection to the other Jesuit schools as a possible approach.  They used some unique variables which allowed them to move ahead."

Daniel McDonald SJ,
Provincial Assistant for Higher Education of the Milwaukee and Chicago-Detroit Provinces