College of Arts and Sciences

Women in Cybersecurity

Andrew Sexton, a senior studying Computer Science with a focus in cybersecurity, volunteered to TA a Cybersecurity Workshop in November 2020. The workshop, Women in Cybersecurity, was hosted by Holy Cross College.

Andrew is a student in Malware Analysis, taught by Deep Ramanayake, Teaching Professor of Computer Science. Ramanayake shared Andrew's excitement to help a local school. 


The event description can be found below:

Curious about reverse engineering, vulnerabilities, and how to use vulnerabilities to gain control of systems? This free, hands-on workshop for undergraduate women in computer science will teach some fundamentals of cyber security and give you a chance to network with like-minded peers and professionals. Simply put, you’ll learn about hacking, for fun and profit! No prior experience in cyber security is needed. If you have some basic programming skills and have seen a command-line terminal, or if you have completed a first course in Java, C++, or other language, then you have what it takes to succeed at this workshop.