College of Arts and Sciences

Summer Undergraduate Research Support


Faculty in the College of Arts & Sciences are invited to request funding for students and themselves to do research during the summer months. It is expected that selected students will:

  • Present a talk at the annual Summer Research Symposium to be held in August.


  • Submit a short project report (1-2 pages) at the end of the summer.


  • Present a poster at the next Celebration of Undergraduate Research (if still a student at Xavier).


Faculty members receiving the stipend are expected to make every effort possible to attend the Summer Symposium and the Celebration the following Spring. Funding may also be available for students to conduct research for working with a faculty member who does not receive one of the grants.

To be considered for summer support, faculty members should submit a description of the proposed work each Spring. The description should include the significance of the work to a faculty member's overall research plan and explain how a student will be involved in and ultimately benefit from working on the project.

The deadline to apply for Summer 2021 research support was March 22, 2021 at 5:00pm. Faculty whose projects will be funded can expect to be notified by April 5, 2021.