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Quality work


How do people evaluate a university’s academic quality? And how do WE evaluate – and continuously strengthen – Xavier’s academic quality?
As a few of you may remember, those were the questions we discussed together at the Spring 2018 College Meeting.
One fundamental answer, of course, is through the peer-review accreditation process administered by HLC or one of the other five regional agencies recognized by the U.S. Department of Education.
Since shortly after that spring 2018 meeting, many members of CAS have contributed countless hours to documenting the quality of a Xavier education for the once-a-decade HLC Comprehensive Evaluation. Along the way, you’ve also worked hard to make improvements and fill gaps.
Even as we await the final report of the HLC reviewers, it seems appropriate now to celebrate what by all accounts was an impressive Assurance Argument and a successful peer-review visit.
On behalf of the college, I offer my deepest thanks to all of you.
Many across campus deserve praise. Here I’ll thank especially those from CAS who served as co-chairs of a Criterion Committee:
Danny Otero, Niamh O’Leary, Esmeralda Nastase, Marco Fatuzzo, and Bill Madges.
Also: Liz Johnson co-chaired the website review. And kudos to Anne Ryckbost for effectively organizing the masses of evidence.
As one of three Steering Committee co-chairs, Shannon Byrne deserves the college’s particular gratitude.
And finally: the vision, talents, and sheer hard work of Rachel Chrastil, Director of Accreditation and Steering Committee co-chair, brought into focus the academic quality for which the entire Xavier community can be proud.  

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