College of Arts and Sciences

Richly deserved


Can it be? Just over a year ago, COVID-19 prompted our mid-semester leap into remote learning and working.

I've learned a lot in the intervening months. But more than anything else, I've learned how extraordinary, how creative, how hard-working, how caring, how collaborative, and how effective you are, together.

You, the staff and faculty of CAS, continue to amaze me — even as you continue to challenge me to serve you better in my own role.

I know well how much credit you deserve for a year of unparalleled resilience.

How much credit for the fact that, in spite of everything, Xavier can now look forward to the post-pandemic world with such well-grounded hope. 

I dare say you can think of a way or two we might more effectively demonstrate the gratitude you have earned.

Today I invite you to join me in honoring a particular group: those of our faculty colleagues who earned milestone promotions during this extraordinary year. 
Adam Azman
Heather Balyeat
Diane Ceo-DiFrancesco 
Ben Chamberlain
Ashley Hinck
Supaporn Kradtap-Hartwell
John Sniegocki
Kathy Tehrani
Marita von Weissenberg

And let us honor too our recently tenured WCB colleague Ed Kosack, who advises the CAS students earning B.A. degrees in Economics.

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