College of Arts and Sciences

Finish Line


Cincinnati Thanksgiving traditions? Don't forget the turkey trot, now in it's 111th year! (Or, as the copyright lawyers prefer, the Thanksgiving Day Race.)

Yes, that too will be virtual this year. But that's not why the race is on my mind today. 

Instead, I'm recalling a distinctive feeling. Maybe you know it?

You round a bend, or crest a hill, and then glimpse it: the finish line

No matter how many miles it's been or how exhausted you feel, you suddenly discover another burst of energy. People support one another, even carry one another, across that joyful line.  

That's how I'm feeling right now. Only two meetings left for each class before remote finals. 

Can you believe we made it so far, so well? All the work, so much perseverance, by so many people.

Only a few more strides.

And then? Well, in the spirit of my own favorite local run, one might redeem a running-bib ticket for a celebratory beverage or two.

Plus of course a cheese coney. This is Cincinnati, after all.

A very Happy Thanksgiving to you all. 

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