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Gourds and polls ahead


This week's cool weather heralds the arrival of autumn. None too soon.

Decorative gourd season is already well under way in my household.

My family is also making plans for the high holiday of democracy: Election Day on November 3

This year I've decided to celebrate the day differently.

Inspired by 
Xavier's Take It On 2020, and utterly convinced that fair and free elections are essential to a flourishing society, I've just volunteered to spend my day as a poll worker

Some of you may make the same choice. November 3 is an 
entirely remote teaching day this year. That means no in-person classes.

I won't be meeting my students synchronously that day, and I'll encourage them to consider volunteering at the polls. I hope that some of you can also adapt your class plan (if necessary) to allow your students the same opportunity.

Take It On 2020 lays out all the relevant information (yes, even for other counties and Kentucky).

Xavier's Human Resources has agreed that any staff member, with the permission of their supervisor, 
may spend their (paid) work day volunteering at the polls. I encourage all supervisors in CAS to allow interested staff members to volunteer. 

Together for others, this Election Day.

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