College of Arts and Sciences

Caterpillars, beetles, and philosophers


How did our students fill their summers?several decorative graphics

With caterpillar graphs and woodboring beetles. Reading French phenomenology and the diary of a soldier in the Mexican-American war.

Measuring prosimian limb proportions and seeking new metalloproteases.

Exploring phytoplankton host-virus interactions and the effects of Brexit on Northern Ireland. Constructing radiant graphs and new congressional districts for Ohio.
They studied communication of all types—by fungal network, through virtual international exchanges, and with carefully curated Instagram images.
They asked timeless questions, as well  as timely ones.

How does screen time affect spiritual and mental health? How effective are online math courses?
Nor did they neglect COVID-19, but rather engaged it through mathematical models, chemical analysis, and a computer simulation of electromagnetic waves.
And that's not all.

Find more in the abstracts of the presentations they delivered during last night’s Summer Research Symposium.

Congratulations to all the undergraduate students and their faculty mentors on their summer research projects. Impressive. 

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