College of Arts and Sciences



With just over a month before the first day of classes, our community has begun its phased return to Victory Parkway. I hope that you, like me, took (or will take!) at least a little time away from the preparation work. 

For my family, that included a day kayaking on the Little Miami River -- one of several navigable rivers that grace our city.

Some of us have begun re-acclimating to familiar campus spaces, experienced rather differently now. 

Thanks to the COVID-19 Task Force, we've got clear guidance on the components of a safe return. Masks are just the beginning.

Now they've also provided an Academic FAQ page for faculty, which links to the student capacity of each classroom on campus (in addition the instructor), taking into account social distancing.

Want to see one of the completed Zoom Rooms mentioned in the FAQs? When you're on campus, feel free to stop by Alter Hall 208 (swipe in with your AllCard). 

There's plenty left to do, I know--including an overdue workshop assignment I owe the CTE, come to think of it!.

Thanks for all that you are doing to keep our community safe in the days and weeks ahead as we prepare for our students' return.

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