College of Arts and Sciences

Not Enough


Yet another unjust death. Yet another name to add to our tragic litany. Yet another angry reminder (for those of us who don’t experience it daily) of systemic anti-black racism, that bitter legacy of our nation’s original sin.
Once again the streets of Cincinnati roil, as they do across the country.
In our weary outrage, what can we do?
Mourn with the bereaved.
Condemn racist acts and racist language.
Post a statement.
Exercise community oversight.
Learn from those with relevant personal and academic expertise—including those among us.
Facilitate a conversation about racism with our students.
Strengthen our Gender and Diversity Studies program by recruiting three scholars.
Open our eyes, and those of our students.
Make a plan, and follow through.
Offer space to process grief and anger.
Take a knee and raise a voice.
Protest against racial injustice and get arrested.
Everything that has been done by all of us? Not enough.
The journey’s end beckons from afar, a beacon of hope.

We can get there together, supporting one another along the way.

We must get there.

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