College of Arts and Sciences

Worth Celebration

It's true: we didn't celebrate the end of this academic year in quite the same ways as normal. 

We celebrated nevertheless -- and rightly so!

Many of you joined us on Tuesday or Wednesday for an end-of-year happy hour. Together we toasted the year, each other, our new graduates, and all those who helped us along the way. Some even dressed for the occasion.

Your well-earned stories inspired broad smiles, deep laughs, and even a few teary eyes. And hardly anyone needed a reminder to unmute themself--a hallmark of a successful party these days!

Congratulations and thank you all for your extraordinary contributions over the entire academic year.

The CAS Bulletin will continue for the next several weeks, as we continue planning for semesters to come.

For this moment, though, I invite you to pause, look back, reflect, and celebrate.

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