College of Arts and Sciences

Prospective welcomes


The thought makes me smile broadly: watching new students stream along the academic mall in front of Alter Hall. Eager, nervous, full of energy.

Ready to experience what they've been anticipating for months, even years.

Diverse and distinct, walking together into their Xavier future.

Many of you have been actively working for months to make that vision real. Calling, e-mailing, answering queries.

Thanks to all of you -- including those who offered mock classes and zoom sessions for prospective students at the most recent X-Day. 


William Anyonge
Tim Brownlee
Eric Bucher
Suparna Chatterjee
Paul Colella
Blis DeVault
Renea Frey
Jonathan Gibson
Natalia Jacovkis
Liz Johnson
Hem Joshi
Bill Madges
Mack Mariani 
Kristen Renzi 
Jennifer Robbins
Heidrun Schmitzer
Stephen Skiles
Dennis Tierney
Amy Whipple
Carol Winkelmann

Stephen Yandell


We all appreciate your efforts to welcome prospective students to our community.