College of Arts and Sciences

Coronavirus: Meeting the challenge


Unimagined. No one expected this, and we can’t know with certainty what comes next or when. Nor do we have firm answers yet to some of the critical questions that this situation will raise. 
I can already confirm one thing, though: you are inspiring. 
The hard work. The creative solutions to new problems. The volunteers sharing expertise and guidance. And the many among us learning new approaches and different technologies in order to find ways—the best available ways—to support our students and one another. 
And yet I know that in the days ahead, none of us will consistently be at our best. There’s simply too much to do, with burdens spread unevenly. Too much uncertainty and anxiety. 
Of the mutual commitments that the college’s Academic Leadership Group formulated a couple of years ago, one therefore seems especially relevant to me now. So I’ll ask you to join the members of the dean’s office as we remind ourselves and each other of that commitment in particular: assume good intent. 
Give one another the benefit of the doubt, and find ways to encourage one another and our students. 

In the days and weeks ahead, watch for university-wide messages from Fr. Graham, for faculty-specific messages from Marco Fatuzzo and Faculty Committee, and for teaching-related messages and resources from the CTE. And keep monitoring the university’s central website for this situation: 

For our part, members of the dean’s office will work to provide answers to your college-specific questions and find ways to support and collaborate with you. That’s the goal of this special-edition bulletin.

Thanks for all you do to make this an exceptional community.