College of Arts and Sciences

Common Values, Extraordinary People


Among my most cherished privileges of serving as the college's dean is the daily collaboration with an extraordinary team in the dean's office. Our common values daily call us each to become our best selves.

So I am tremendously pleased to announce the appointment of the next two team members, each of whom has agreed to serve a three-year term as Associate Dean.

polt.jpgDr. Richard Polt, Professor of Philosophy, came to Xavier in 1992. A Heidegger scholar and former two-term Chair of the Philosophy Department, Richard was also the first recipient in 2013 of the Roger A. Fortin Award for Outstanding Teaching and Scholarship in the Humanities.

Richard will begin his term as Associate Dean in July 2020, succeeding Rachel Chrastil. Yes, he will bring a typewriter (or two?) with him to Alter Hall!

morton.jpgDr. Dena Morton, Professor of Mathematics, joined the Xavier community in 2000. Currently serving her second term as Chair of the Mathematics Department, Dena's research interests include combinatorial game theory, algebraic topology, and cryptology. Dena delights in the beauty of mathematics, and works to inspire the same in the students in her  various mathematical courses--including her popular class on cryptology.

Dena will succeed Gary Lewandowski to begin her term as Associate Dean in July 2021.

Our college community is rich with talented and dedicated faculty, and I am very thankful to all the applicants who allowed themselves to be considered for these roles. Thanks too to those of you who nominated candidates, to the faculty on CASCA who conducted the initial review of applicants, and to the search committee chaired by Jen Droege. 

In due time we will thank Rachel and (a year later) Gary, who have set impressive standards for these roles. Not yet, though: there's still lots of work for them to do before then!