College of Arts and Sciences

Looking back and ahead


Welcome to the new semester and the new year!

By this point, I suspect that you've realized what I have: in 2020, the eyesight puns will be even harder to avoid than the gaze of Mona Lisa.

So I'll try to spare you talk about foresight and hindsight as I glance back at the college's 2019-2020 goals

Strengthening the college's culture of shared governance is one central goal this academic year, as we continue to build on the work of the 2018 task force. A great way you can contribute is through the relevant Constituency Team meetings. These bring groups of college members with common interests and identities together to talk with me and CASCA members. See the details for this semester's three meetings below. 

Second, we are working again this year to foster a community of diverse, talented, well-supported people. At this time of year, we're focused especially on recruiting great people to join our faculty next year. As our departments welcome a steady stream of faculty candidates to campus in the weeks ahead, thanks to all of you contributing to their successful visits.  

Finally, members of the college are in the midst of multiple initiatives this year to support high-quality academics in the college. From writing grant proposals and curriculum revisions to undertaking program reviews, many of you have been deeply engaged in this critical work for the benefit of our students and their learning. 

Halfway through the academic year, we've made great progress. I can't wait to see what more we achieve for our students and one another this spring.