Who Gets Promoted, Who Doesn?t and Why

10 Things You Better Do If You Want to Get Ahead - A Webinar with Don Asher

This webinar details exactly what puts one employee on the fast track to an exceptional career, while another stays on the treadmill of mediocrity. Don Asher, noted speaker, author and career guru, will show you:

  • Why timing is more important than talent
  • How corporations really make promotion decisions
  • How to avoid career mistakes you don't even know your making
  • Ten proven strategies for advancement

If you want to know how to begin controlling your own destiny, the solution is not to work harder but smarter. This web event can help you do just that.

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Talent Marks Webinar Series

This Webinar series features 9 authors & career experts who will share their secrets, research, and tips with you. Take the first step and build your job search strategy by listening to the top career experts in the country! To access: visit the link below; on the homepage ? click ?Click to View?; and create an account. The following recorded webinars will be available to you at your convenience:

  • Now What? Learn How to Choose the Right Career (Career Choices) ? Nicholas Lore
  • 7 Mistakes Job Seekers Make Online (Social Media) ? Joshua Waldman
  • 5 Steps to Build Your Personal Brand (Branding) ? Sherri Thomas
  • Blind Spots (Career Planning) ? Alexandra Levit
  • Equipping Young Minds for Exceptional Performance (Leadership) ? Al Duncan
  • Active Interviewing (Interview Skills) ? Eric Kramer
  • Pick a Career Path & Job You?ll LOVE! (Job Search) ? Laurence Shatkin
  • Guerilla Job Marketing Techniques (Job Strategy) ? David Perry & Kevin Donlin
  • LinkedIn Makeover (LinkedIn) ? Donna Serdula

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The 7 Mistakes Job Seekers Make Online

Presenter: Joshua Waldman, Career Enlightenment

It's not as hard as you might think to stand out from the crowd and get the job of your dreams. But first you have to know the mistakes other job seekers make. We go through a humorous odyssey of follies correcting each one as we go. In this session we'll answer the following burning questions:

  • What are the elements of a successful LinkedIn Profile?
  • Why should I even bother using social media for anything other than chatting with old high school buds?
  • This stuff changes so fast, how can I possibly stay on top of it all?
  • How can I truly leverage my network to find work fast?
  • What are the 7 biggest mistakes I need to avoid online?

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Four Steps to Getting a Job on LinkedIn

Presenter: Joshua Waldman, Career Enlightenment

You might have a LinkedIn profile. And now you're asking, "What do I do now"? We will discuss a proactive LinkedIn strategy that you can use tonight which will separate you from the crowd and get you interviews fast. In this session we'll learn the following things:

  • A quick refresher course on what a perfect profile needs to look like
  • Two mind-blowing frameworks rooted in psychology that you can use to get hired
  • An introduction to the FIRE method for pro-active networking
  • How to truly leverage your Alumni network on LinkedIn

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Managing Your Online Reputation

Presenter: Joshua Waldman, Career Enlightenment

80% of employers say they will look you up on Google, many employers are making a Google search a mandatory part of the application process. Yet job seekers still have photos that make them look like axe murderers, or they don't have enough 'findable' information at all. And this can feel overwhelming and confusing.

If you don't like the results when you Google your own name, then you have some reputation building to do. In this webinar, we'll look at how to assess your online reputation, how to build it up, and then how to maintain it over your career.

You will learn the following vital career management skills:

  • How job seekers can monitor their reputation and stop problems before they start
  • How to get to Google's first page when your name is searched
  • What to do about unwanted info about you

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