Target Sustainability Case Study Competition

Team Pitch Guide - Due October 28, 2013

As consultants to the Target Corporation, 10 student groups will provide five minute attention-grabbing presentations to selected Target representatives.  The Team Pitch outlines your group's response to the Sustainability Case Study.  The goal of the pitch is to be selected by the Target Corporation as one of five finalists to present their case in full detail in hopes of winning the Sustainability Case Study Competition.  Your team will address the following topics in greater detail:

  • Title
  • Purpose (See the Target Sustainability Case Study Project Questions)
  • Category of Merchandise (Personal Care/Beauty, Home or Household Chemical)
  • Summary of Analysis (using the Suggested Topics) & Conclusions
  • Recommendations (Sustainability Merchandising Plan)

Due to limited time, technology will not be available to you (computer, projection, presentation software) during the pitch, but you may use visual aids you have created (handouts, story boards, etc.)  

Following your pitch, there will be ten additional minutes for Q&A with the evaluators.


The Target Sustainability Case Study Competition is sponsored by Target Corporation and hosted by Career Development