Target Sustainability Case Study Competition

Congratulations Winners!

1st Place - $1500:  Three Musketeers
Team Captain:  Jake Litmer, Senior - Environmental Studies
Robbie Kessler, Senior - Management Information Systems/History
Desi Belew, Junior - Human Resources/Sustainability/Spanish
Faculty Mentor:  Rebecca Luce - Department of Management & Entrepreneurship

2nd Place - $1000:  X-perts
Team Captain:  Casey Bohland, Junior - Accounting
Kylor Mackey, Senior - Communications
Bill Marting, Junior - Finance

3rd Place - $500:  Breaking Green
Team Captain:  Will Oswold, Junior - Accounting
Michael Gordon, Junior - Finance
Kiernan McGeehan, Junior - Public Relations
Faculty Mentor:  Chris Manolis - Department of Marketing

4th Place - Target Gift Cards:  Sustainable Livers
Team Captain:  Sean Reeves, Junior - History
Bridget Daley, Junior - Health Services Administration
Jennifer Rosenacker, Junior - Health Services Administration
Karly Gade, Junior - Health Services Administration
Grace Pinns, Junior - Health Services Administration
Faculty Mentor:  Jerry Braun - Department of Information Systems

5th Place - Target Gift Cards:  On Target
Team Captain:  Alana Erchull, Freshman - Business Management
Marissa Holman, Freshman - Accounting
Kayla Keith, Freshman - Accounting
Seth Hernandez, Freshman - Sports Management
Kaitlyn Goldfuss, Freshman - Biology
Faculty Mentor:  Priscilla O'Clock - Department of Accounting

The Target Sustainability Case Study Competition was sponsored by Target Corporation and hosted by Xavier University Career Development