Target Sustainability Case Study Competition

Faculty Mentor Expectations and Responsibilities

Each Team is encouraged to identify a Faculty Mentor that will aid and guide the team. If needed, the Career Development Office may work with a team to connect them to a potential Faculty Mentor
Guidance for Faculty Mentor:
Faculty Mentors can coach the teams on principles and methodologies and provide administrative support as necessary. Time commitment will vary and is dependent on the team's request for support and the Faculty Mentor's availability.  The Career Development Office strongly encourages at least one mandatory meeting between the Faculty Mentor and all Team members to identify roles and expectations early on. Faculty Mentors are encouraged to reach out to their team periodically to assess progress. However, they should refrain from helping the team directly develop their case study competition deliverables.
For example, Faculty Mentors are not allowed to directly:
  • analyze data
  • create any of the deliverables
Faculty Mentors may:
  • help to clarify the team's strategies
  • identify when the team needs to gain clarity from the Career Development Office/Case Competition Committee
  • attend meetings with the Career Development Office/Case Competition Committee members
  • suggest supplementary sources of guidance such as books, websites, journals, and other publications
  • suggest edits to deliverables
  • observe the team's presentation at all phases of the competition
  • attend meetings involving Target Corporation representatives
Faculty may direct all questions to Jonika Moore-Diggs
Career Development Office, , 513-745-3764
The Target Sustainability Case Study Competition is sponsored by Target Corporation and hosted by Xavier University Career Development