Class Year/Year of Graduation:  Senior 2014

Major/Graduate Program: Biology/Chemistry (Pre-Med)

Newly hired as (position, company):
Intern at Blue Belt Technologies (Orthopedic Robotics)

Where did you hear about this professional opportunity, and what do you think contributed to being hired?  Through a networking connection. Willingness to network with whomever whenever is what afforded me the opportunity, but the skills that I learned through Career Development are what really got me the job.

How did Xavier Career Services help you along the way to achieve this accomplishment?
I began my experience with the Xavier Career Development Office with the Mentoring program as a biology and chemistry major with the goal of becoming a doctor. I cannot emphasize enough how impactful my mentor has been in my life. I have learned so much about life, business, and have developed relationships that have allowed me to grow exponentially as an individual. I began this program with a major and life plan that did not incorporate my passions. It was with the guidance of my mentor that I was able to over come the fear of breaking the mold provided for me and delve into something I really loved.

Once my mentor helped me to figure out the career path I wanted to follow, I decided to change my major to a combination of biology and business that would set me up for success in the future. It was my CDO counselor that helped me format my resume, perfect interviewing skills, and prepare for the obstacles that would be thrown my way during my job search in an unfamiliar field. She was incredibly helpful with networking and turned out not only to be a helpful counselor, but a good friend who helped and still helps me with life situations. Had I not gotten involved with Xavier Career Development, I never would have discovered my true passions, gained the confidence to change my major, and ultimately land an internship toward my dream job in Orthopedic Robotics.

Based on your own experiences, what advice do you have for students as they gear up for their job/internship search? 

1. NETWORK, NETWORK, NETWORK!! I cannot emphasize this enough. Your resume and credentials will only get you so far. It is through creating and maintaining lasting relationships with the correct people that will afford you opportunities to do great things.

2. Be prepared. Prepare your resume, do your research, and know what you're talking about when you are connecting with important people. There is nothing worse than getting a phone call from a potential employer or being in an interview and getting caught not knowing your stuff. It makes you look unprofessional and tells them you do not respect their time.

3. Go to Career Development right now and get a mentor or sign up to meet with a counselor. These are hands down the most beneficial people I have met at Xavier University and if they cannot directly get you a job/internship, they will do their best to provide you with invaluable skills and connect you with people who can.