Name: Kathleen Bosse

     Class Year/Year of Graduation:   Junior (Class of 2015)

     Major/Graduate Program:  English major; Business, Theology, and Music minors 

     Newly hired as (position, company):  Macy’s Management Internship Program
     Newly declared Major/Program: N/A

Where did you hear about this professional opportunity, and what do you think contributed to being hired?  I have long been fascinated by my father’s job as a manager at a small business, and that developed into an interest in that position for my own future.  I attended the Career Fair in the fall of my junior year, uncertain of what I was truly looking for yet knowing what I was not looking for in a summer internship, and therefore went in with an open mind.  I stopped by the Macy’s booth, among others, and the programs they described sounded the most appealing and like it would be the best fit for my future goals and dreams.  So, I pursued the internship opportunity, attending the prep/networking/informational events and working with the CSC to prepare for each step.  I was asked to come in for an interview, and, a few weeks later, was excited to discover that I had been offered the internship!  I’m looking forward to using what I learned from my dad in a larger company and exploring for myself what my future in management can become. 

How did Xavier's Career Development Office help you along the way to achieve this accomplishment?
I’ve been stopping by periodically since my freshman year, first getting advice on career paths to pursue, then moving into creating a resume and making sure I’m involved in clubs that will help me explore my passions while teaching me about what positions or atmosphere in which I thrive.  Most recently, they gave me the tools I needed to edit my resume and to create a strong cover letter, to exude confidence at the Fair, to have a positive interview experience, and more.  Not to mention their crucial role in hosting the Career Fair at which I met Macy’s and learned about their program; without this happening, I may never have applied for this position! 

Based on your own experiences, what advice do you have for students as they gear up for their job/internship search?  I don’t want to simply give a laundry-list of advice; while they are important, they only constitute a piece of the puzzle.  Instead, here are some big-picture things to consider as you prepare:

There is a ton of advice out there…just look at the Google results!  Be careful, though, of the advice you choose to take.  Be critical of and make wise choices about the resources through which you investigate how to succeed.  An important and reliable resource is obviously the CSC, as are any mentors and even professors in fields you wish to pursue (especially if you plan to attend graduate school).  I recommend taking advantage of these resources in particular, because they are the ones with access to the best and most effective laundry-lists of advice!

In addition, think carefully about your career plan within the context of your lifetime goals and dreams.  Know what makes you happy, what you are passionate about, what you are most gifted at.  Find a job that allows you to use your talents in a positive way and either builds on your passion or allows you room to continue to pursue your passion outside of the workplace.  The true measure of success is happiness, not money, fame, material goods, etc.  With so many options for careers and job positions, it is possible to find a job about which you can wake up every day excited to go to (even if it takes a little time to do so).  After all, your employer will benefit from you choosing a career that satisfies you in this way:  studies have shown that a happy person is more productive as well as healthier, and thus these employees have positive effects on any company’s success.  Plus, it is in these positions – the ones that make you happiest – that you will find the most personal success, both now and throughout the rest of your lifetime!