Class Year/Year of Graduation:  Senior/2013

Major/Graduate Program: B.S. Biology, Chemistry Minor

Newly hired as (position, company):  Medical Scribe, Premier Physician Services

 Where did you hear about this professional opportunity, and what do you think contributed to being hired? I heard about becoming a medical scribe through my girlfriend who had a friend that worked as a scribe for years. I first inquired about becoming part time last summer, and initially I was turned down due to my inability to give a definite two year commitment. I was disappointed at first, but then I told the head of hiring for the company that I would keep in touch and give them a call once a month to see if there were any future opportunities I might be eligible for. After four months of calling and checking in, I was offered an interview and have my dream job at this stage in my life. 

How did Xavier Career Services help you along the way to achieve this accomplishment? The Career Development Office has helped me in more ways than I would have ever thought possible. Beth Zink was who I worked with a large majority of the time, and she was outstanding. She helped me format my resume, went through how to negotiate during an interview, and she was also one of my biggest advocates. She was always someone who I could set up an appointment with and to ask anything about the job process which was extremely helpful.

Based on your own experiences, what advice do you have for students as they gear up for their job/internship search?  My advice for anyone who is getting ready for a job or internship search is make connections and be yourself. Also, don't be afraid to take a blind leap into a job or opportunity that you may not think you can get. Finally, if you want it bad enough then take it and be persistent. Employers want someone who wants to work for their company, so prove you are that person they're looking for.