Name:  Ariel McNair

     Class Year/Year of Graduation:   Class of 2014

     Major/Graduate Program:  Finance Major

     Newly hired as : Staff Consultant, Ernst & Young—Los Angeles, CA


Where did you hear about this professional opportunity, and what do you think contributed to being hired?  I had the opportunity to visit EY (Ernst & Young) this past summer in Chicago and network with consultants in various capacities.  They passed around my resume and based on my previous internship experience in financial services they believed that I would be a good fit for FSO (Financial Services Office) and the BAP (Business Advisor Program) program.  A factor that I think contributed to my hiring was that I was able to balance a very difficult schedule in college being a student-athlete as well as being involved on campus.  I believe that was a desirable characteristic for a consultant, who will also need to juggle the duties of engagements and travel.

How did Xavier's Career Development Office help you along the way to achieve this accomplishment?   I would say that getting work experience as early as possible is really important.  I had two summer internships, (after sophomore and junior year) and when seeking full time employment it definitely helps if you can talk about your experience in regards to your role, day to day projects, and what you gained from it.  The employers want to see that you are a sponge and can take in information as well as being able to learn from it.  You want the employer to view you as an asset.