1. Develop accurate and useful job descriptions of all positions.
  2. Ensure that the student visits the Career Development Office for completion of new hire paperwork processing before he/she begins work.
  3. Provide specific training in those areas listed on the job description.
  4. Set up a work schedule, preferably in writing, for the student.
  5. Review all department policies with the student, including discipline procedures (see 4-Step Disciplinary Action Procedure).
  6. Be available and encourage the student to ask questions.
  7. See that time reports are submitted according to deadlines established by the payroll schedule.
  8. Establish and review expected and appropriate dress, behavior, use of university and office resources, and standard operating procedures with the student.


Student employees should be evaluated by the student's immediate supervisor at least once a year and whenever a student leaves a position.  The Student Work Evaluation Form should be signed by both the student and the supervisor and a copy of the evaluation form should be submitted to Student Employment to be placed in the student's file. 


The employing department is responsible for providing student employees with the safety training necessary to ensure that the employee is able to perform the job in a safe manner. Supervisors should refer to Xavier's Policies and Procedures Manual to become familiar with safety policies.  All required personal protective equipment must be provided to the student employee by the employer.

If a student employee is injured while on the job, the injury should be reported immediately to the supervisor. If medical treatment is required, the student should report to Student Health Services. The supervisor must complete an incident report and send it to Campus Police and Student Employment. This report is necessary to ensure that additional medical expenses, if any, are covered by Worker's Compensation. Supervisors can obtain Incident Report Forms from Campus Police. Worker's compensation concerns can be addressed in the Office of Employee Benefits (Human Resources).