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Ethical Job & Internship Search Procedures

Attend all meetings, interviews, and other job and internship related commitments and obligations:

Counseling Appointments

  • Students are expected to honor all scheduled counseling appointments by being on time and prepared. Students more than 15 minutes late for an appointment, and who have not notified The Career Development Office, will be asked to reschedule.
  • If a student cannot make a scheduled counseling appointment, he/she is required to notify The Career Development Office 24 hours in advance.

Job & Internship Related Commitments and Obligations

  • If a student has arranged a meeting or phone call with an employer, The Career Development Office expects one to honor that commitment by being prepared and on-time.
  • If an employer has requested information, presence at a function, an answer to an offer, etc., The Career Development Office expects that a student to honor all requests in a timely fashion.

    Recruiting Practices:

The following are practices which should be followed as students begin the job and internship search process:

  1. Provide accurate information on a resume and in answers to interview questions regarding academic background, GPA, work history, activities, and other qualifications.
  2. Apply for interviews only when genuinely interested in the company and the position.
  3. Meet all on-line application deadlines for submitting resumes and obtaining interview times.
  4. Conduct extensive research about yourself, the industry, the company, and the position prior to your interviews.
  5. Attend all information sessions sponsored by employers and all scheduled interviews.
  6. Dress and conduct oneself in a professional manner befitting a Xavier student.