A list of references should be developed in addition to the resume. Typically you want to list at least three and no more than five references. Your list of references should be taken to each job interview, and offered to the employer at the conclusion of the interview.

Always be sure to ask someone prior to listing them as a references.  When asking individuals to act as a reference for you, consider the following:
  • their knowledge of you professionally;
  • their knowledge of you academically; and
  • their knowledge of you personally.

A great deal has changed with regard to references because of liability on the part of those giving negative references that might result in a candidate not being hired. Therefore, when deciding on your references consider the above criteria. Notice that the key is knowledge; don't use a reference just because they are well-known (university president, CEO, etc.), but ask those who know your professional ability, your academic ability, or have personal knowledge of you. Professional and academic references are preferred. Choose individuals who are able to articulate a reference both orally and in writing. When someone agrees to act as a reference for you, send them a copy of your updated resume and keep them informed of your job search progress.

For your reference page, use the same type of paper and the same or complimentary type style as you have used for your resume. When providing a list of references to a potential employer, be sure to include your name at the top of the page.  You might consider copying and pasting your resume header onto your reference sheet to give it a letterhead feel. When listing your references include: name, title, company/organization, complete address (including city, state and zip), email address, and phone number (see example below).  

References For John Smith

Maureen Conman
Payless Leasing Corporation
1600 Golf Road
Cincinnati, Ohio 45205
Phone 513 446-6021
Email conman@payless.com

Dr. Gary Bell
Associate Professor
Department of Psychology
Xavier University
3800 Victory Parkway
Cincinnati, Ohio 45207-1092
Phone 513 745-0966
Email bell@xu.edu