Internships, co-ops, research based experience, volunteer learning opportunities, practica...student work experiences go by different names, but they all have one thing in common - they provide valuable career-related experience that makes a difference in your post-graduate employment options.

The more information Xavier has about your out-of-the-classroom learning experience, the more quality experiential programs we can develop for you!  Gaining hands-on experience increases your ability to secure your post-graduation employment. If you have completed internships or experiential learning opportunities during your college career at Xavier, we’d like to hear about them!  

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I have built confidence - I have learned to be more organized and self-sufficient. I feel honored to have this experience. Honestly. Experience hands on is irreplaceable, (and) I feel like I'm part of the team.
Jennifer Wickline, Liberal Arts major, Stepping Stones Intern

My internship experience is the single most helpful thing I've done to figure out what I want to do after college, and what skills I need to make it happen. Over the summer I interned at a non-profit fundraising organization that helps fund the arts here in Cincinnati. Not only did I discover a job I didn't know existed that brought together many of my life's passions, but it helped me to clearly see how I could fine-tune my education here at Xavier. And I never could have done it without the XU Career Development Office.
Sarah Wieten, Philosophy, Politics, & the Public major