Frequently Asked Questions

How much time will I be expected to commit to the program?

Students are asked to contact their mentor at least once a month. This can be done by phone, email, Skype or in-person meetings, whatever is conducive to you and your mentor’s schedule. At times you may not have anything pressing to talk about, yet it’s highly recommended that you remain in contact with your mentor monthly so he/she is aware of what’s going on with you!

In addition, students are strongly recommended to participate in professional development programs. Many of these programs are coordinated by the Career Services Center but other activities can be done with your mentor. A sample of activities is provided below. Note that some of these programs are ongoing while others occur once.

  • Career exploration
  • Career fairs
  • Internship and job search strategies
  • Etiquette and networking dinner
  • “Careers In...” series workshops
  • Résumé workshop
  • Résumé review
  • Professional dress seminar
  • How to “work” a job fair
  • Mock interviews from area employers
  • Graduate school workshops

Additional information about the goals and expectations of the program can be found in the Mentoring Program Student Handbook. Once matched with a mentor, you will receive a hardcopy of this document. We also have a page of resources entitled Success Tools to help you and your mentor build and sustain a good relationship.

How do I apply?

Students must fill out an online application. The fall application deadline is late October/early November and the spring application deadline is late February/early March. Contact the program coordinator, Jonika Moore-Diggs, for additional information.

Do I have to be a junior or senior to join the program?

No. However you must be a at least a sophomore with a general idea of what you are interested in doing after graduation. Seniors must be have an additional semester prior to graduation to apply (i.e if you are graduating in May, you can only apply in the fall).

Will I be paired with someone in my field of interest?

Oftentimes mentors select students who share similar interests based on information provided on the application. Sometimes it is not an exact match, but the individual chosen is able to serve as an informational resource on a variety of topics.

When will I be paired up with my mentor/mentee?

We try to get students selected by the end of the semester in which they applied, however there is no guarantee. Because it is up to mentors to select their mentee, some students may be selected sooner, while for others it may take a while. We encourage you to ensure your profile is completed as thoroughly as possible and your resume is up to date and has been reviewed prior to applying. You can also update your profile at anytime while unmatched.

What will happen once I am selected?

You will be sent information via email about your mentor once selected. You’ll also meet with the program coordinator to receive additional information about your mentor as well as a "Getting Started Guide" to assist you with your first meeting. Lastly, you’ll receive monthly information via email to assist you with your mentoring relationship.

Will my mentor get me a job/internship?

Absolutely not! Mentors understand they are not responsible for offering you a job or internship. The purpose of this program is to receive additional support and guidance, which could, but not always, lead to tips about jobs/internships.

Where can I get more information?

Please contact Jonika Moore-Diggs, the mentor program coordinator, with questions. Also check out the Summer 2011 Mentoring Program Survey data to see what mentors and mentees are saying about the program.