What is a student employee?

A student employee at Xavier is a temporary, part-time employee whose primary purpose at Xavier is the achievement of educational goals. The student employee must be enrolled at Xavier with at least 12 credit hours (undergraduate) or at least 9 credit hours (graduate). Student employees may not work more than 20 hours per week, all positions combined, during the academic year.

What is Federal Work Study (FWS) Employment?

Federal Work Study Employment is student workers who are eligible to receive federal money in return for their work on-campus or off campus at one of the Community Service Jobs Program organizations.  A student's eligibility for Federal Work Study funds is determined by the Financial Aid Office, these students receive priority in the hiring process.

What is University (UL) Employment?

University Employment may apply to student workers that are not eligible for Federal Work Study funds, but the Financial Aid Office determines that they should receive assistance to off-set expenses.

What about employing international students?

International students should confirm permission to work through the Center for International Education (CIE) office:

230 Gallagher Student Center
ML 2171
(513) 745-2864

While most of the student employment regulations are not different for national and international students, there are some differences:

  • International students are mandated by their visa status to maintain full-time enrollment each academic semester.
  • International student employees must get approval for any exemption to this regulation from CIE and their academic department.
  • Because international students can only work on campus, it is very important that they understand the student employment guidelines and do not become ineligible to work due to violations of these guidelines. They may seek employment with Xavier employers and non-Xavier employers located on campus. They may also work during breaks (Winter, Spring, Summer).

What about employing graduate students?

A Graduate Assistant (GA) is a graduate student who has signed a contract with the University to perform a certain number of hours of work in return for a stated compensation. GAs may work up to the number of hours indicated in their contract and within the dates indicated on their contract.

What about employing Tuition Remission or Tuition Exchange Students?

The University's policy regarding tuition remission/exchange students working on campus is that the student may only work during semester breaks (fall, spring and summer). During the academic semesters they may seek employment with on-campus non-Xavier employers of auxiliary services like the Bookstore and Campus Dining.

What are my responsibilities?

Specific job responsibilities vary according to department and job. There are some general responsibilities shared by all student employees. Remember that your student employment job can be great training for your future career and a resume builder!

  • Pay close attention during training. Ask questions. Learn from watching experienced coworkers.
  • Ask what can be done during downtime to stay busy! Don't assume that doing homework is acceptable.
  • Do your best. Have a positive attitude.
  • Act professionally. Take responsibility for what you do. Be accountable for your actions and your work.
  • Be dependable. Show up to work on time. Schedule time off well in advance. Call your supervisor if you are going to be late or absent from work.
  • Dress appropriately. Ask your supervisor what attire is appropriate for work.
  • Show initiative.  Share ideas for improving job tasks with your supervisor.

Let your supervisor know if you're having difficulties, need to change your hours, etc.

How do I get paid?

Once you have accepted a job, your supervisor will complete a Payroll Authorization Form. This form will be submitted to the Career Development Office. At that time, you will be asked to fill out all required new hire paperwork. Paperwork must be completed before you can begin working!

Reporting Your Time to Payroll

  • Students who work on campus will enter their work time into Xavier's web time entry system.  View Instructions & Guidelines for Entering and Submitting Time.

  • Students who work off-campus for Community Service Job Program (CSJP) organizations will need to report their time on a Payroll Requisition Form (paper time sheet) and have their off-campus supervisor approve and  sign this form.  Once their payroll requisition form has been approved and signed the student will need to take their form directly to the Payroll Department located on campus in Schmidt Hall, Room 102.  Payroll Requisition Forms can be picked up from the Payroll Department or the Career Development Student Employment office.  
  • Students are required to enter their time daily and complete and submit their time for approval every two weeks according to the payroll schedule. Students are paid via direct deposit every two weeks according to the payroll schedule.  

Payment Options

  • Options include Direct Deposit, Bursar Account Deposit and/or a Payroll Card. 
  • Direct Deposit is available and can be set up by completing a direct deposit form. Your check will be automatically placed in the account specified on your form. You will also receive email notification of your pay every two weeks. All emails are sent to your Xavier email account. Direct Deposit forms are available online through the Payroll office website.
  • Bursar Account Deposit - You may choose to have your earnings applied directly to your Bursar account. This requires the completion of an additional form, to be submitted to Payroll. Bursar Payroll Deduction forms are available in Payroll Office or Career Development Student Employment office.  These forms are not available online.
  • Payroll Card - The payroll card is a physical Visa-branded card that the student employee will receive. Each payday, the employee's pay will be deposited onto the card. The employee can use the card as a Visa card, withdraw cash without a fee from any bank accepting Visa-branded cards, or use online banking tools linked to the card.

It is recommended that students verify correct tax information, pay rates and hours worked on all pay stubs. Federal W-2s are available in January on the student's portal page. If you believe that something is incorrect, please contact the Payroll Department.

What Should I do if I have problems with my supervisor or my on-campus job?
Please contact Student Employment, (513) 745-4880.

Do you have a question that is not answered here?

Please contact Student Employment, (513) 745-4880.

Contact Information:

  • Career Development Office: PH: (513) 745-3141 ML: 1161
  • Financial Aid Office: Schott Hall, 1st Floor. PH: (513) 745-3142 ML: 4511
  • Payroll Office: Schmidt Hall, Room 102. PH: (513) 745-3436 ML: 4531