The Career Development Office expects Xavier students to attend all meetings, interviews, and other job and internship related commitments and obligations:

  • If a student has arranged a meeting or phone call with an employer, the Career Development Office expects the student to honor that commitment by being prepared and on-time.
  • If an employer has requested information, presence at a function, an answer to an offer, etc., the Career Development Office expects the student to honor all requests in a timely fashion.


The following are practices which should be followed as students begin their job/internship search:

  • Provide accurate information on a resume and in answers to interview questions regarding academic background, GPA, work history, activities, and other qualifications.
  • Accept interviews only when genuinely interested in the company and the position.
  • Meet all on-line application deadlines for submitting resumes and obtaining interview times.
  • Conduct extensive research about yourself, the industry, the company, and the position prior to your interviews.
  • Attend all information sessions sponsored by employers and all scheduled interviews.
  • Dress and conduct oneself in a professional manner befitting a Xavier student.


Additional Resources from the National Association for Colleges and Employers: