What is the Diversity Reception?
The Diversity Reception is a networking event that allows organizations to connect with students and alumni from diverse backgrounds in an effort to reach their recruitment goals.  It was established to allow organizations that support and embrace diversity initiatives to connect with students and alumni from diverse backgrounds.  The Diversity Reception is a week prior to the Fall Career Fair.

Do I Have to be a Senior to Attend this Event?
No, this event is open to all educational levels - first year to graduate student, even alumni.  For undergraduate students, please note that depending on your year, your approach to organizations will be different as most organizations are looking for juniors for internships.  This is a great event to build relationships and become familiar with organizations and competitors prior to attending the career fair.
Why should I attend?
This is a great opportunity for you to build relationships with a variety of organizations in a setting that facilitates conversations. You will learn about various organizations through connecting with representatives and it is an opportunity to develop mentor relationships with industry personnel. 
Will it be like a career fair?
No, this event is not like a career fair.  It is a networking event.  Networking events allow for you to connect with a variety of people simultaneously.  There will be no organizational booths with information; everyone will mingle in an open setting. 

Schedule an appointment or attend  walk-ins in the Career Development Office for more tips and information on what to expect at the event.  Also see,  How do I prepare for the program below for more tips.  Plans are underway to host a prep session prior to the event.

How do I prepare for the event?
Preparing for this event is similar to the preparation you would do for a career fair.  
We encourage you to do the following:
  1. Research organizations that will be in attendance at the Diversity Reception
  2. Print and review the Event Prep Notes.  
  3. Get your resume critiqued!  For more information, see Should I bring my resume?
  4. Schedule an appointment or attend walk-ins to discuss with a coach.  
How do I RSVP?
To RSVP through Hire-A-Muskie (Log into Hire-A-Muskie, Hover over the "Events" tab, click on "Workshops", Click on "RSVP" button for the Diversity Reception)
What should I wear?
Business professional attire.

Should I bring my resume? 
Yes, you can bring your resume.  You will have the opportunity to connect and make great impressions with a variety of organizations.  Your resume can serve as a reminder to the recruiter of the connection you made during the Diversity Reception. In addition to attending the Career Fair, you potentially could be contacted by representatives who attended this event.  
For resume critique, attend walk-ins at the Career Development Office, 530 CLC  See walk in times and locations.   You can also make an appointment by calling 513-745-3141.  Your resume is a reflection of you and your style, make it error proof, attend a walk in or schedule your appointment today.  


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